Finovate 2015


NextMoney- FinTech inside Bank
Despite banking's conservative approach, there are innovators that have worked diligently inside banks to create and instigate innovation inside the banks.  They often have to buck the culture, but somae of these innovators are beginning to flourish and even lead the way in the FinTech community. On Today's show, Ron Shevlin hosts live from the NextBank conference, and guests JP Nicols,...

The Possibilities with Digital Currencies
The possibilities that digital currency create with payments, ledgers, contracts, and the transparency to rebuild trust are momentous.   On the show today, Brett is hosting people who dare to re-imagine how banks and payments interact, who the middle man should really be, or if a middle man is needed at all.  First we have Ben Milne is the CEO/Founder of Dwolla, a revolutionary company that...

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