Finovate 2015


Breaking Down Blockchain (1 of 5)
Today, Host Brett King is joined by co-Host Chris Skinner, Author of Value Web, to begin our 5 week series delving deep into the blockchain. This week, it is the basics of blockchain- What is blockchain? What is bitcoin? What is Ethereum? And what is all the news about a hard fork? Theo Priestley, a top Fintech thought leader and writer, Simon Taylor, Director of Blockchain at FS-11, and John...

Fintech: Augmented Reality and Bank Marketing
Brett hosts today, and it is a full lineup. First he talks with Ian Kar about the new Venmo in-app payment system. Second, he chats with Alex Sion of Moven, and Matthew Applegate of Wharton Fintech about their white paper examining the new financial services needs in the gig economy. Eric Nunlee, a freelancer, also pipes in to explain the needs of freelancers. Then, we hop over to Chris Nichols with...

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Startupbootcamp Demo Day-
Today, Brett hosts a very different episode for us. We spent a day with some of the teams at the SBCbootcamp Fintech NYC, as well as Jesse Podell, the MD and Nektarius Liolios, the Founder of SBC Fintech. Instead of doing straight interviews, we are going to showcase a few teams and how different routes got them to the accelerator, and what an accelerator can really do for a Startup.
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