Finovate 2015


Fintech & Brexit, #DAO, Final, and Fintech5
Today, host Sam Maule outlines the DAO hack and what can happen next for Ethereum with guests Simon Taylor, John Lilic of Consensys, and Casey Kuhlman of Eris Industries. Then we talk payment security with the CEO of Final, Aaron Frank. And then we have a double dose of the Fintech5 with Jesse Podell from Startupbootcamp Fintech NYC and Jill Castilla, CEO of Citizens Edmond bank. Fintech5 will launch...

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FinTech Innovation in China
JP Nicols opens the show today with insights into the moves of Apple Pay, the ending of CurrentC, and the maturing of Lending Club. Then, we have a series of interviews from Brett King's travels in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shenzhen.    Brett speaks with the CEO/Founder of RFI, Charles Green about latest study about millennials' adoption of fintechs.  Then he speaks to Founder/CEO of Radian Partners,...

Fintech Future- Cyborgs and Digital Currency
Today, Brett King is hosting one of the leaders in global technology revolution- David Orban. David is a fierce proponent of financial and government transparency. He is- Founder/Trustee of the Network Society Research - Member and Advisor of Singularity University - Advisor of Dotsub (former CEO) - Founder of Dotwords - Founder of Axelera - Mentor at Thiel Fellowship - Chairman of the Board...

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